Januari 2017
Backstage Rockbar Trollhättan

Dead End & Carnosus

Vad passar bättre mitt i vintern än lite hederlig dödsmetall?
Två grymma band intar scenen på BS när DEAD END ifrån Holland tillsammans med svenska CARNOSUS besöker Trollhättan.

Dead End
~ The old
Our story begins at the end of the 80’s, when vocalist / bass player Micha, guitar players Jeroen and Eef and drummer Gunther decide to start a band, not just some band but they wanted to be different from the mainstream death metal bands, And then and there DEAD END was born.
The first demo in ’91 called Tales from the Real Life..
After that, Micha wanted to focus on the vocals and in Alwin they found a new bandmember on the bass guitar.
With Alwin some changes came, he was more the doom kind of guy, so influences from bands like Anathema, My Dying Bride, Candlemass and Paradise Lost started to infiltrate the music, what resulted in the second demo “Purity ” in ’92.
The band did not play often but had some great gigs with bands like Pestilence, Gorefest and Pentacle, It did not pass unnoticed, and at the end of ’92 some deal offers came in from record company’s like Century Media and Nuclear blast.
With these deals also came some obligations, the band could not commit to some terms due to school obligations of some band members, and so they decided that it was all or nothing with the original band…. they choose nothing… Dead End died at the end of 1992 after releasing an EP called “Wartime in Eden “and releasing one song exclusively on D.S.F.A. compilation cd.
UNTIL... in the early 2014’s Roel from Vic Records came to us with the request to release all the old songs, remastered on one cd, that was cool, so Januari 2015 the album “FOREVER IS NOT ETERNAL “saw the light, and the responses were overwelming.
Micha, Eef, Jeroen van Riet and drummer Gunther Weerepas declined for a full restart, so in Jeroen Gijsbers, Bryan Boorsma, Arjan Jansen en Harald Bouten new members were found.
DEAD END is ready for the rebirth.
~ The new
The new DEAD END is born and with the recordings now done for their brand new album “REBORN FROM THE ANCIENT GRAVE” due to appear in the summer of 2016, released by VIC records and DOC holliday MP they are convinced Dead End will regain their spot in the dutch death metal top!
They invite you to come and visit one of their shows….. You Will Be Bleeding !! ……

Carnosus was born in 2011 when guitarist Rickard Persson, drummer Jacob Hedner and former singer Olof Gotting met while attending the same school in Örebro, Sweden.
The vision was to create something that did not really exist, to not sound like anybody else.
With a mix of death metal, thrash metal and progressive metal with a pinch of black metal vocals thrown in the pot, the result became CARNOSUS.

They needed to find one more guitarist and a bassist though. So they did.
They searched far and wide until Rickard saw a random clip on Facebook of Felix and shot a message to him asking if he wanted to play in the band, he accepted and the second axe man was found. Now there was only the bass left.

Marcus had heard a rumor that there was a band in need of a 6-string bassist, he counted his strings and went to see them. He played ”Panic Attack” with Dream Theater straight through without a mistake and he was in.

The first demo came to life later that year in Rickards basement with an iRig and a lot of willpower. The demo where to be called ”Conviction” and became the first song Carnosus recorded as a group.

Following the success in Örebro, Carnosus began playing shows all over the area, at least where they could at the age of 16.
The material evolved and more songs where to be written.

The year of 2014 Carnosus began recording their second demo as a school project, this time consisting of two songs: ”Born for Debauchery” and ”Neglect”.
The two songs where upoaded on Bandcamp only and was pressed in only one copy, consisting of four songs.

Shortly after this, vocalist Olof Gotting decided to explore different things in life and left the band. But he made sure that the members who were left continued to evolve Carnosus.

Finally, in late 2015 Carnosus found a new vocalist, Jonatan Karasiak.
He had been hiding in plain sight all along as a student at Marcus's university.
Marcus approached him with an offer to be the new front man of Carnosus after he'd been watching Jonatans YouTube videos. He wanted to try out and he did. The result was unbelievable. His voice fits the Carnosus sound so extremely well and nobody else would quite cut it.
After this, there was no quiestion about it, he was the new front man of Carnosus.

In September 2015, Carnosus began planning their first EP with producer Tomas Skogsberg, (Entombed, At the Gates, Grave among others).
The band travelled far into the Swedish woods to see this legend of a producer and was not dissapointed. The following week was spent in a little cabin out in the woods playing finger blistering metal from dawn til dusk until the monster we now call ”The Universal Culmination” was born.
After the release in January 2016, the response where overwhelming. With sales on both bandcamp aswell as shows.
The band also landed a spot in ”Close-Up Magazine” a swedish metal zine, as winners of
”Sverige Runt” or ”Sweden Around”, as the best unsigned band in Sweden in May 2016.

Right now Carnosus is writing music for their upcoming full length wich will be released sometime in 2017.

In the meantime Carnosus aims at playing shows, travel the world and land a record deal to really show the metal world what they can do.

We are Carnosus.

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